Reduced ticket Pilgrimages
Reduced ticket Pilgrimages

Reduced ticket Pilgrimages

€ 8.00 (without online booking)

€ 13.00 (with “Skip the Line” booking on the official Vatican Museums website)

The reduction is reserved to groups (of any geographical origin) on a pilgrimage to the Eternal City, upon presentation, on the day of the visit, of a letter of request from the Parish, religious Institute or Diocese of origin. The request, to be presented on headed paper, must bear the official stamp of the Institute and the original signature of the parish priest or superior.
N.B. The reduced ticket for Pilgrimages is granted only to groups on pilgrimages accompanied, depending on the case, by a priest or by a member of the religious Institute of reference.

Free entry is granted to one accompanying priest (upon presentation of the celebret).

Upon booking online it is necessary to indicate the precise number of participants (pilgrims, priests and any accompanying visitors). Tickets may be booked subject to availability and only the advance booking fees must be paid in advance.
Booking fees cannot be refunded.
It is possible to change your booking – subject to prior confirmation of availability – up to 60 minutes before the beginning of the scheduled visit (entry ticket) and up to 72 hours before the beginning of the scheduled visit (guided tour).
For the “guided tour” option, it is necessary to pay in advance the guide service and booking fees, while the entry ticket is to be purchased on the day of the tour.

Failure to present the documentation attesting to the right to a reduced entry fee, or failure to meet the requirements, will result in the visitor having to pay the additional amount due for the purchase of the full-price ticket and/or service, as well as a € 1.00 administrative charge for each ticket and/or service purchased.
The reduced ticket previously booked or purchased cannot be refunded.