Self service corner
The Self service: for all tastes and ages!

The Self service: for all tastes and ages!

The ideal solution for an informal self service lunch, and a broad range of dishes.
In the spacious, airy restaurant, with its antique Napoleonic dishware, visitors may choose from a rich gastronomic selection ranging from traditional Italian first courses to classic meat and fish dishes. The corner of fried foods, cheese and accompaniments is inviting and delicious. The selection is completed by a broad variety of fresh seasonal fruit, yoghurt and desserts.
There are diverse and affordable set menus, specifically designed to satisfy the tastes and to be compatible with the wallets of the widest public. Starting with children – very welcome guests in the Vatican Museums – who can eat healthy, simple and authentic food comfortably seated in high chairs.

To better plan your visit, the Vatican Museums offer visitors and their families the opportunity to book in advance, from the comfort of their own homes, not only their entry to the Museums, but also a pleasant lunch, ensuring the availability of a reserved table.