The Museums are happy to welcome families with children and strollers in tow.
The Guard Corps will be happy to show families the easiest itinerary to follow and to point out the special lifts allowing easy access to the museum spaces.

Baby changing facilities and nursing room

Along the museum itinerary and in some restrooms there are spaces equipped with changing facilities for babies and a nursing room enabling mothers to nurse their babies in full privacy.
Consult the Map of the Vatican Museums
to see where these facilities are located.

Relaxation areas
Relaxation areas with seats and benches are located along the itinerary to enable families to enjoy a moment's rest (Courtyard of the Cuirasses, Courtyard of the Pinacoteca, Square Garden, Courtyard of the Pinecone, Courtyard of the Carriages).

Children's menu and high chairs
For little visitors, the Self Service corner of the Museums offers a special menu for children, rich in authentic and tasty food, while the Pizzeria, with its delicious slices of pizza straight from the oven, is an excellent alternative for all the family.
In both the restaurant and the pizzeria, small children can enjoy their meals while sitting in comfortable high chairs.

To better plan your visit, the Vatican Museums offer visitors and their families the opportunity to book in advance, from the comfort of their own homes, not only their entry to the Museums, but also a pleasant lunch, ensuring the availability of a reserved table.