Della Gran Galleria Vaticana
Della Gran Galleria Vaticana

Della Gran Galleria Vaticana

Journey through the restoration of the Gallery of Maps

Annavaleria Caffo et al.
Edizioni Musei Vaticani
December 2021

The book, available in Italian and English, gathers the results of the complex restoration involving the Gallery of the Maps of the Vatican Museums. The Gallery, with a length of 120 meters and a width of 6 meters, was commissioned by Pope Gregory XIII and was realized between 1580 and 1581, under the supervision of the geographer Ignazio Danti, which was supported by a team of Late Renaissance painters.

The book is made up of a first section of essays, including a historic-artistic paper by A. Caffo, the study of archival documents by M. Bezzini, a text about the restoration site by F. Prantera and the diagnostic surveys carried out by the Cabinet of Scientific Research. Subsequently, the restoration records regarding each one of the big maps show both the methodologies and techniques used by Vatican restorers during the delicate work operated on the walls of the "Gran Galleria".
At the end of the book we find a detailed chronology of restoration works, carried out since the 17th century, and a rich section of photographic plates, enriched by original details, guiding the reader in an imaginative journey through our peninsula and the beauty of its towns and districts.