Vatican Museums. 100 works not be missed
Vatican Museums. 100 works not be missed

Vatican Museums. 100 works not be missed

Barbara Jatta et al.
Edizioni Musei Vaticani
January 2020

The 100 most representative works hold in the many collections of the Vatican Museums are the cornerstone of this fine photographic volume, available now in 9 languages and soon in other editions.

An exemplary selection presented in an evocative itinerary that, passing through all the museum sectors, touches the art of every age and origin, suggesting the key milestones for the visitor who wishes to get to know better these unmissable masterpieces.
Among these, in the numerous halls and galleries of the Museums, we find the exhibits of the Egyptian and Etruscan Museums; the sculptures of the New Wing and the Octagonal Courtyard; the mosaics of the Gregoriano Profano Museum and the sarcophagi of the Pius-Christian Museum; the frescoes by Raphael and Michelangelo; the paintings in the Pinacoteca and the collections of modern and contemporary art; the artefacts in the Anima Mundi Museum and the papal carriages; not to mention the epigraphic inscriptions, the tapestries and the geographical maps.

The guide to the 100 selected works offers essential art-historical information drawn up by the curators of the various departments of the Museums.
All the museum spaces, internal and external, and the masterpieces, are extensively illustrated with splendid colour images, with views and details provided thanks to an ad hoc photographic shoot.