The Vatican Museums Conservator’s Office has the task of developing strategies and provisions for lowering the risk threshold and improving the quality of the historical artistic and archaeological patrimony entrusted to the care of the Vatican Museums; preventing or slowing the processes of deterioration of the materials that constitute the works of art through the monitoring of their surrounding environment; and adopting programmatic plans for care and ordinary maintenance.
Outside the Museums, the Office performs its activity in all the places of representation or worship where required by the Holy See, in exercising its tutelary functions inside and outside the State. In this regard, the interventions at the Major Basilicas, various archaeological burial sites and the Pontifical Villas are of particular interest.

The Conservator’s fields of interest are the various activities of the museum or studies aimed at the resolution of specific problems: forms exhibition methods, permanent and temporary; movement and transport; conservation in deposits and the management of collections; monitoring of environmental variables and the detection of critical factors; preliminary studies and post-restoration protocols; and measurement of flows of visitors.