The Ethnological Materials Restoration Laboratory has for more than ten years been devoted to the protection, conservation and promotion of one of the most valuable ethnographic collections in the world, conserved and displayed in the Ethnological Museum Anima Mundi of the “Pope’s Museums”. To date, the collection contains more than 80,000 works: objects of rare beauties and depositories of ancient traditions and cultures.
Driven by the ethical and institutional responsibility to ensure the transmission of a patrimony that is unique within the world, the Laboratory’s team of restorers drew up at the outset a conservation project aiming first at facing the state of emergency and halting the deterioration of the objects entrusted to them.
Today, following the many conservation procedures carried out on the collections, the Ethnological Materials Restoration Laboratory is engaged in the continual and constant promotion of discussion on the conservation of ethnographic goods, understood as the expression of a “living” heritage of inestimable value, fruit of the knowledge and ability of indigenous communities and the bearer of values and traditions to be protected.