The first restoration work on paper carried out by the Vatican Museums involved the facsimile copies of paintings of the François di Vulci Tomb, on the occasion of the exhibition of the same name, “The Tomb of François di Vulci”, held in 1987 in the Braccio di Carlo Magno in the Vatican.
However, it was only in 1994, after a decade of collaboration with specialists in the sector, that the Vatican Museums decided to establish their own laboratory for the restoration of works on paper. Until then, painting on paper was restored using materials and conservation solutions typical of restoration of easel works. On the other hand, while painting on paper has in common with painting on canvas the use of colour, it differs substantially from the latter: the paper support, by its nature, suffers from alterations and surface damage more than any other type of material. The raw materials used in the production of paper determine its chemical and physical characteristics and consequent alterations.
The coordination and responsibility for the structure are now entrusted to Chiara Fornaciari da Passano, in collaboration with the restorer Cristina de Medici Nardini.