Extraordinary maintenance of the tapestries depicting the Life of Christ Scuola nuova (New School) of Raphael of 1523-1534 and the Life of Urban VIII of 1663-1679

Restoration of fourth to sixth century Coptic textiles

Restoration of altar antependium (c. 1825)

Restoration of the tapestry of the series of the Acts of the Apostles Scuola vecchia (Old School) of Raphael “The Blinding of Elymas” (1517-1519)

Restoration of tapestry of the series of the Life of Christ Scuola nuova (New School) of Raphael “Noli me tangere” (1524-1531)

Restoration of the tunic of Saint Peter (I-III century)

Extraordinary exhibition in the Sistine Chapel of the series of tapestries of the Acts of the Apostles, on the occasion of the celebration for the fifth centenary of the death of Raphael Sanzio

From the end of the 1980s onwards the Laboratory has been engaged in the prestigious restoration of the tapestries of the Scuola vecchia (Old School) of Raphael (1515-1519)