Raphael in Rome
Raphael in Rome

Raphael in Rome

Style, technique, conservation

Edited by Antonio Paolucci, Barbara Agosti, Silvia Ginzburg
Edizioni Musei Vaticani
March 2018

This monographic volume, available in Italian and English, brings together the results of important studies and consequent conservation interventions carried out on works by Raphael from the period from 1508 to 1520.
The documentation gathered and discussed during two study days specifically organised in 2014, recounts the artistic journey of the master of Urbino in the last decade of his life, and underlines various fundamental aspects such as technical choices and experiments, stylistic consistency and expressive innovations.

The themes considered include the management and activity of the workshop, the evolution of the Raphaelesque technique in the Vatican Rooms, the restorations and paintings in Capodimonte and the Prado, and the study of his production technique.

The comprehensive colour photo accompaniment, gathered in a substantial “atlas”, offers splendid reproductions of Raphael’s works, with previously unpublished full-page details and comparative images, as well as x-rays and reflectographic images, preparatory drawings and cartoons.
The volume ends with a detailed specific reference biography for students and scholars.